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You may imagine your site to look a certain way that would represent your company the way it suites your standards! Well, with Wise custom web design service, we design it your way, according to your standards and to your satisfaction!

We strongly believe that a close collaboration with clients is the foundation for their success. Our expert web developers, talented web and graphic designers as well as professional content writers collaborate with our clients at all stages during the custom web built process.

Branding and logo design

Graphic and UI design

Mobile applications design

Starting with the project assessment, our Wise web service consultants will collect all necessary information about the business online needs and goals, the website requirements, specifications and style, as well as content audit.


We strongly advise basing clients website build on local competitive analysis which outlines your stand out opportunities by identifying local competition design flows to take advantage of and strength to reverse engineer. Interviews and user testing will also be conducted to identify your local audience behavior and online habits, which will help shaping your site to satisfy the purpose of their visit to your site and CONVERT them from Visitors to Customers.

At Wise Local our web development Jedis are second to none in their trades! Always up to date with latest web programming and design trends. They mastering major font end, back end, server side and CMS technologies such; HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JS, PHP5, Wordpress (just to name a few technologies to satisfy your technical curiosity!). They strive to forge efficient website solutions that are both visitor friendly and easy to manage for our clients while also ready to rock on the search engines.  


Not to forget to mention, that our custom made websites we’ll be 100% responsive and mobile friendly, crafted to display properly on most commonly used screen size form small smart phone screens to flat screen smart televisions.


We’re always existed to see the results of our ingenuity, creativity, innovation and long hours of hard work reflecting on our client’s success. We never get bored from doing it over and over again! Looking forward to be part for your business success story!

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